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Moving Around:
People, Things and Practices in Consumer Culture

4-6 September 2014, Gakushuin University, Tokyo

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Conference Committee, I would like to welcome you to History of Consumer Cultures 2014 Conference. The programme consists of over twenty papers and three keynote speeches to be presented over the two and a half days, addressing issues relating to the history of consumer culture. Relationship between the emergence of the ‘consumer society’, and the act of consumption as based on the movement of goods, people and ideas will be one of the central issues, as well as the concepts and interplays of ‘demand’and ‘supply’which enabled the diffusion of fashion and trends beyond the conventional boundaries. The role of various types and sectors of 'travel', 'trade' and 'telecommunication' are another of the main themes treated in terms of their historical and contemporary significance, often transcending across geographical and sociological borders.

Our optional tour, moreover, will be one of a kind, guaranteed to bring you a different experience and a glimpse of consumer fantasies of Kamakura, an ancient capital of Samurai, and also of Yokohama, the first port town opened up to the world after Meiji Restoration. The cultures of the two seaside towns have been on the cutting-edge in their own ways for many centuries, celebrating foreign-influenced architectures and gardens, places of worship, exquisite arts and crafts and its exotic delicacies.

Hiroki Shin

on behalf of the Conference Committee

About Gakushuin University:

The Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University is hosting History of Consumer Culture 2014 Conference. The University has a long and distinguished history, originating in the ‘Old Gakushuin’ established in 1847 in Kyoto as the educational institution of the Imperial Court. The University is now located in Mejiro, in a leafy surroundings, rather unusual for a campus in central Tokyo, and much admired by students and visitors alike.

The University have placed their infrastructure and human resources at your disposal: the University offers the International Conference Room in the newly constructed Central Building as our conference venue; the Faculty of Economics offers its secretarial staffs to assist the Conference Committee. It is with their generous assistance that we can ensure both a pleasant and well-functioning environment for this international gathering.




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