Unit 1 池袋(いけぶくろ)のホストファミリーとの会話(かいわ)

Conversations with the Ikebukuro Host Family


A. Context

家族(かぞく)しょうかい Predicting & Listening


1. Before listening to an introduction to the family, predict what you can from the photos. Using the questions as clues, report on what youve predicted and make notes ready to compare with what you hear later.


左から順にだれでしょうか。          どんなしょうばいをしているでしょうか。




What is happening at the family business? Look and listen.



2. 家族(かぞく)しょうかいを聞きましょう

a. Yuko has brought the ryuugakusei home but no one else is home yet. She shows you a photo of some of the family members and tells you a little about each person. She starts by explaining who is next to her in the front row and then about the back row from right to left. Make brief notes of what you have understood.
























b. 家族(かぞく)のことをもう(すこ)聞きましょうListen to more about the family.

Add anything new youve learnt about the family to the above table.

3. Compare what youd predicted with what youve heard. Either write your answers or report in class in Japanese on:

         What you guessed correctly. e.g. 4番目はむすめさんです。

         What you didnt guess: e.g. 私はお父さんはくだものやだと思いました。でもちがいました。お父さんはEでした。


4Optional (Advanced):


To learn more about the family, listen to the following interviews and complete the questions that follow. Discuss in class.

The daughter ゆう子

The mother お母さん

The father  お父さん


  1. Which of the three interviews could you understand best of all and why?



  1. What did you find most interesting about what they said and why?




  1. What language have you learnt from listening to these interviews? List the new words and expressions using a dictionary when necessary.




  1. What cultural insights have you gained from listening to these interviews? Did anything they said challenge any preconceptions you had about Japan?





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