Unit 4                      甲府市(こうふし)のホストファミリーとの会話(かいわ)

                         Conversations with the Kofu City Host Family 


A: Context                                                 Predicting and listening                          



1. Before listening to an introduction to the family, predict what you can from the photos. Using the questions as clues, report on what you have predicted and make notes ready to compare with what you hear later.

















a)    家族のしょうかいを聞きましょう              

b)    家族についてもう少し聞きましょう           



3. 家族についてわかったこと:


1. The person introducing the family to the student is:




2. Write what you could catch about each of the family members:























What did you learn about where they live?




行方不明(ゆくえふめい)= (someone) has disappeared, do not know where it/someone has gone.



4Optional advanced: お父さんの富彦(とみひこ)のインタービューを聞きましょう。



a)    What did you find most interesting about what Tomihiko said?




b)    What language have you learnt from listening to him?




c)     What have you learnt about Tomihiko himself from listening to his interview? Provide linguistic evidence to support your answer.