Unit  5                                                                                                                 




場所    八王子の小林さんの家       

話し相手            80才のみちえさん

来てから            10日


It seems that someone has been putting your futon away for you while you are having breakfast, and you decide to find out how to do it yourself  from now on. You ask Michie, Kenji’s mother what you should do about the futon.



2.   Language Choices



Likely consequences






a)     ふとんはどうすればいいですか。






b)     ふとんはどうしなければなりませんか。






c)      ふとんはどうしますか。







d)     おばあさん、ふとんは、どうすればいい?







6. Vocabulary


You will hear the Japanese for the following English words in 生の声.  Listen again and when you hear the words complete the following in hiragana.


a.      (sounds) natural:                                               し__  


b.      sounds harsh:                                                  か____しい感じがします



c.      a polite way of speaking:                                て___な言い方


d.      the way to fold (the futon):                                (ふとんの)たた___


e.      is not limited (to):                                              (とは)か__ない


f.        (what you are trying to say ) is clear: ___りしている


g.      asking how to put (the futon) away:    しまい___を聞いている


h.      fairly complex:                                                   かなり__


i.        concrete/ definite                                             ぐ__てき


j.         general                                                              い___てき


k.      is used to/ accustomed to                               な__きて(い)る


l.         this household/home                                        この___



7. What Kenji, Yoshiko and their friend Satoko said



Kenji had accepted two choices at first. They were (   ) and (   ).


In the end Kenji and Yoshiko`s favourite choice was (   ).


The reason Yoshiko gave for that choice was  that it was _____________


Which choice did Kenji say was a bit complex and the meaning could be taken in different ways? (   )


About which choice did Yoshiko say that the meaning was not  limited to asking about how to fold the futon? (   )


In the end Yoshiko and Kenji agreed on a choice on the basis that the meaning is ________________.


Ako seemed to accept choice (   ) about which she said it is quite concrete in asking about how you fold the futon and put it away.


She rejected choice (   ).


Satoko said that (    ) was a general way of asking and it would have meant “How do you put the futon away in this house?”


e)     Satoko said that choice ( e ) おばあさん、ふとんは、どうすればいい?

  “wasn`t ______”  but that she thought it better to call the grandmother ______________.



8. How Kenji and Yoshiko said it


When Yoshiko and Kenji are making decisions they seek agreement from each other using a variety of sentence endings. Insert the endings they used from the box and insert them in the spaces.


だね     かな     じゃない    な 


よしこ:ん。わたしは、ええと、「ふとんはどうしますか。」という言い方は一番いい、しぜん       と思う。


よしこ うん。 でもちょっとかたくるしい感じがします。

けんじ 「ふとんはどうすればいいですか。」 はいちばんいい     

うん。おれは「ふとんはどうすればいいですか。」の方がいい (      )