Systematically Dependent Competing Risks (SDCR)

Version 0.1-3. Last Update Februray 8, 2010

This page offers the codes which replicate the analyses in the following article in the open source statistical software package R.

Fukumoto, Kentaro. 2009. " Systematically Dependent Competing Risks and Strategic Retirement. " American Journal of Political Science. 53(3).
This website also provides supplemental analyses. All the files for download are zipped. Please unzip them before using them.

In order to replicate the tables and figures of the article in R, download the main directory ("", 24KB, Apr. 14, 2009) and read the file "readme.txt" in it at first. All instructions are written there. You may download the output directory ("", 2MB, Feb. 11, 2009) which contains all the figure pdf files and R outputs built by the files in the main directory.

The Monte Carlo simulation reported in the article takes my computer 1 week. If you want to save time (as I recommend), please use the simulation output ("", 86MB, Feb. 11, 2009).

Before reanalyziing Box-Steffensmeier and Jones' study (2004, Table 10.6), you should download the original data at the book website.

The Monte Carlo simulation of omitted variable bias is mentioned but not reported in the article due to space limit. The R codes are in "" above. If you want to save time, please use the supplement simulation output ("", 78MB, Feb. 11, 2009).

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