International Workshop on Atomic-Scale Surface Dynamics of Advanced Materials

2-4 November, 2001, Izu Nagaoka, Japan


Saturday 3 November 2001

Morning Session

9h00-9h10 T. Irisawa Opening Remarks
Chair: A Natori
9h10-10h00 P.Politi Continuum description of the growth dynamics of a high symmetry surfaces
10h00-10h30 Y. Saito 2D elastic lattice model with strain
10h30-10h45 Coffee break
Chair: Y.Saito
10h45-11h35 J.J.Motois Island electromigration on isotropic and anisotropic surface [Si(111),Si(001)]
11h35-12h05 T.Ogito Design of step arrangement on Si surfaces and its application to nanofabrication

Afternoon Session

Chair: N.akutsu
13h30-14h20 S. Stoyanov Electromigration of Si adatoms on Si surfaces-a key to understanding the step bunching instabilities during sublimation, equilibrium and MBE growth
14h20-15h10 T. Einstein Si(111) step fluctuation at high temperature: Is steady-state evaporation-adsorption the same as equilibrium?
15h10-15h40 M. Uwaha Step bunching due to the anisotropic surface diffusion and the adatom drift
15h40-16h10 Coffee break
Chair: M.Uwaha
16h10-17h00 O.Pierre-Louis Step Trasparency
17h00-17h30 A.Natori Surface Electromigration induced step structure transition on Si(111) vicinal surfaces
17h30-18h00 N&Y Akutsu, Yamamoto ?

Sunday 4 November 2001

Morning Session

Chair: Y.akutsu
9h00-9h50 C.-S. Jiang Scanning tunneling microscopy for nano-science: Instrumentation, Characterization and manipulation
9h50-10h20 Kangawa Quantum theory of adsorption-desorption phenomena in GaAs epitaxial growth
10h20-10h50 M. Ito Relation between surface reconstruction and the shape of terrace edge on the GaAs(001) surface with a slight inclinatioin to [110] direction
10h50-11h10 Coffee break
Char: T.Irisawa
11h10-11h40 A. Mori Nonequilibrium Molecular dynamics simulation of the solid-liquid interface
11h40-12h10 Inoue Distribution coefficient of impurities in silicon

End of the Workshop