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Date: December 14 (sat), 2013 Doors open: 12:30 – 
Venue: Room 9, Tokyo Midtown Conference Language: Japanese only

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Time: 13:00 –  Theme: “What is the “essentials of excitement” that PIA aims to realize” Outlook for the arts, culture and information in the 21st century, according to PIA magazine's founding publisher.  Speaker: Hiroshi Yanai (CEO, PIA CORPORATION, Tokyo)
Time: 15:00 –  Theme: “The Art Business Now” Art business latest from head of the Japanese branch of Sotheby's, the world's oldest auction house.  Speaker: Yasuaki Ishizaka (Managing Director, Sotheby’s Japan, Tokyo)
Discussion: Hiroshi Yanai , Yasuaki Ishizaka and Toshio Shimizu