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February 15 (sat), 2014 Doors open: 12:30 – Venue: Room 222, Gakushuin Women’s College Language: English / Japanese

This seminar is already finishd.

Time: 13:00 – Theme: “What does culture bring companies?”  Real-life examples of how arts and culture can revolutionize company operations.  Speaker: Takao Kakizaki (Former Executive Officer of Shiseido, Tokyo)
Time: 15:00 –  Theme: “Cultural Production and Branding”(tentative)  From the curator creator of the Kwanju Biennale, Asia's first large-scale international exhibition.  Speaker: Lee Yongwoo (President, Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Korea)
Discussion: Takao Kakizaki , Lee Yongwoo and Toshio Shimizu