Mathematics Graphics Materials by Prof Shirota at Gakushuin Univ.

Selected Mathematics Graphics by Prof Shirota at Gakushuin Univ.

What is the features of my approach :

Visualization and Deductive Reasoning

Visualization of Gibbs sampler

Bayesian inferences are widely used in various fields. This is a visual and interactive teaching materials to study Gibbs sampler on a simple topic model.

Visually Do Shape Analysis !


We apply the correlation coefficient to two stock data series to analyze the similarity and visualize that relationship. The stock data are the Japan's two major automobile companies' ones in New York Stock Exchange. The data are in advance standardized. The stock data are cited through Mathematica FinancialData function. As shown in the above figures, when the sum of the squares of distances between the two data is large, the similarity level becomes small. Concerning the covariance, many negative terms are found which leads to that the Company A's is not similar to Company B's. When the two data are completely the same, the correlation coefficient becomes 1. The visualization explains the relationship between the covariance which implies the correlation coefficient and the sum of distance squares more eloquently than just the expression itself.

Visualization of the Central Limit Theorem and 95 Percent Confidence Intervals

Visualization of Black-Sholes Model

The deduction graph to obtain the BS equation (from the given data to the unknown):

O'Reilley e-Book about Bond Mathematics by Prof {Shirota, Hashimoto, Iitaka}

I am afraid that this e-Book is written in Japanese. You can execute every Wolfram CDF material in this e-Book which is available with no charge from the O'Reilley site. However the explanations in the CDF materials are written in Japanese. Then I translated them to English. I would be grateful if you English readers could enjoy the English version of the teaching materials which are facilitated with a slider.

Our CDF materials in English

Inference Engine Method

Linear Algebra for Economics Course Students, not for Mathematics Dept

I have developed some teaching materials for our students.
  • A fable story for understanding eigenvalues titled "Enlargement Factors of the Magnification Machine are Eigenvalues" OPEN PDF
  • Sebuah Cerita Fable untuk Memahami Eigenvalues berjudul “Faktor Pembesaran dari Mesin Pembesar adalah Eigenvalues” OPEN PDF
  • Transformation of the cat face OPEN CDF
  • Transformation by a matrix OPEN CDF
  • PCA: What are eigenvalues ? OPEN CDF1
  • PCA: What are eigenvalues ? OPEN CDF2
  • PAPER:Visual Explanation of Eigenvalues and Math Process in Latent Semantic Analysis pdf

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