Moving Around:
People, Things and Practices in Consumer Culture

4-6 September 2014, Gakushuin University, Tokyo

Day 1 Thursday

04 September 2014

10:00-10:45      Registration, tea/coffee     

10:45-11:00      Welcome speech      

11:00-12:00      Keynote lecture 1

Toshio Kusamitsu
Professor in Humanities and Culture, Open University of Japan

Travels, the Enlightenment and Races

12:00-13:00      Lunch     

13:00-15:00      Session 1    (chaired by Takeshi Yuzawa)
                        Mobilising Consumption     

Anne Conchon
Transportation and Consumption in the 18th-Century France

Hiroki Shin
Mobility under Pressure: Civilian rail traffic in Britain during WWII

Irina Kantarbaeva-Bill
Bridging Eurasia and the New World: Slave trade on the Silk Road

Yuto Ishibashi
Reliable Observatory Time and the Circulation of knowledge at Victorian Greenwich

15:00-15:15      Tea/coffee     

15:15-16:45      Session 2    (chaired by Kentaro Saito)
                        Crossing the Time     

Miki Sugiura
Between Material Affluence and Share: Consumer culture in 18th century Cape Town

Helen S.E. Parker
Moving around and Moving with the Times: Kabuki and its consumer culture

Shinobu Majima
Voyage, Vanity and Vestiture

16:45-17:00      Tea/coffee

17:00-18:00      Keynote lecture 2    (chaired by Hiroki Shin)

Frank Trentmann
Professor of History, School of History, Classics, and Archaeology, Birkbeck College, University of London

Moving Paradoxes: Materials, people and ethnics in a world in flux

Day 2 Friday

05 September 2014

08:45-09:00      Registration, tea/coffee     

09:00-11:00      Session 3    (chaired by Minoru Yasumoto)
                        Flows of Commodification     

Perry Johansson
On the Value of Cultural Heritage in Republican China

Satomi Ohashi
Passing on One’s Taste in Life: The roles and effects of general auctions in spreading noble lifestyle in England in the eighteenth century

Christiane Ruehle
"The Dynamics in Lifestyle-Representations in Japanese Marketing Campaigns: A casestudy of Mujirushi Ryôhin

Yasuko Suga
Plants and Japonisme in Modernism: a British experience

11:00-11:15      Tea/coffee     

11:15-12:45      Session 4    (chaired by Takeshi Nagashima)
                        Tasting and Tastes in Motion     

Nobuko Okuda
Who is cooking and who is waiting for you when you eat out in Britain? Eating-out culture and low-paid foreign workers

Hiroyasu Kimizuka
Wine Consumption in the 18th century’s Brittany

Chuanfei Wang
Wine Consumption in Contemporary Japan and China: the changing global wine world

12:45-14:00      Lunch     

14:00-15:30      Session 5    (chaired by Chikashi Sakashita)
                        Spectators, Aesthetes and Consumers     

Pamela A. Ivinski
“For the token sum of 99.95 francs! Art is now within everyone’s means”: Albert Robida’s 1883 predictions for the museum-going experience of 1952 and their relevance in 2014

Yusuke Tanaka
A Portrait of the Travelling Aesthete: Okakura Kakuzo and the politics of oriental art

Kaz Oishi
Keats, Pre-Raphaelites, and Japanese Aesthetes in the Age of Consumerism

15:30-15:45      Tea/coffee     

15:45-17:15      Session 6    (chaired by Asako Nakai)
                        Moving Emotions     

Megumi Arai
Travel and Comic Writing: Jerome K. Jerome’s 'Three Men in a Boat'

Ai Sugimura
Re-reading ‘The Professor’ from a consumer culture perspective

Michael Furmanovsky
Ginza Shopping: Middle-class Japanese women’s consumption of ready-made western clothing in Naruse Mikio’s “Wife, be like a Rose” (1935) and “Learn from Experience I & II” (1937)

17:15-17:30      Tea/coffee     

17:30-18:30      Keynote lecture 3   (chaired by Yasuko Suga)

Erika Rappaport
Associate Professor, Department of History, University od California, Santa Barbara

"Tea Revives the World": Advertising and the global production of the tea drinkers during the Great Depression

18:30-20:30      Conference dinner     

Day 3 Saturday

06 September 2014

9:30-11:00      Session 7    (chaired by Tadashi Nakano)
                      Tensions of Locale     

Haruki Inagaki
Policing the Market: metropolitan ideas and local contexts in police reform in early nineteenth century Bombay city

Toshihiko Iwama
Debates, Social Tensions and Consumption in the Urban Community: Debating societies in Birmingham, c.1850-c.1890

Robert Crawford
Selling Advertising: The flow of ideas, work, and staff in advertising agencies in the 1960s-1980s

11:00-11:15      Closing Announcement and Depart for Optional Tour     



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