History of Consumer Culture:
Objects, Desire and Sociability

23-25 March 2017, Gakushuin University, Tokyo

Day 1 Thursday

23 March 2017

10:30-10:45      Registration     

10:45-11:00      Welcome speech by Satomi Ohashi

11:00-12:00      Keynote lecture 1

Toshio Kusamitsu
Professor in Humanities and Culture, Open University of Japan
Consumption and Biography

12:00-13:00      Lunch     

13:00-14:45      Session 1: Education and Collection    (chair: Hiroki Shin)     

Leah Clark
Objects, sociability, and the spaces of collection in fifteenth century Italy

Kaz Oishi
Humanities and Education in the Context of Globalized Economy in the Early 19th Century

Hiromi Kouno & Sunil Manghani
Florence Nightingale as a National Heroine to Be Consumed

Yusuke Tanaka
Anthony Panizzi and the politics of museum in Victorian Britain

14:45-15:00      Tea/coffee     

15:00-16:45      Session 2: Sociable Objects    (chair: Toshio Kusamitsu)     

Louise Box
The Print Albums of the 1st Duchess of Northumberland: Sociability, Exchange and Collecting in England in the Eighteenth Century

Karen Harvey
Civic Pride and Civic Products? Objects and their Makers in 18th and early 19th century Birmingham and Sheffield

Orly Meron
National Consumer Culture in a Comparative Perspective: The Case of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin on the Eve of the Great Depression

Yasuko Suga
Social Interactions through Corrections Fairs: marketing objects made in prison

16:45-17:00      Tea/coffee

17:00-18:00      Keynote lecture 2    (chair: Kaz Oishi)

Prof Lawrence Klein
Professor of History, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Politeness, Things and the Question of Civil Society

18:30-20:30      Conference dinner     

Day 2 Friday

24 March 2017

10:15-11:30      Session 3: Luxury and Necessity    (chair: Chikashi Sakashita)     

Anat Rosenberg
Shopping on your husband's credit: The doctrine of necessaries and the modernization of consumption

Hizky Shoham
Asceticism vs. Consumerism, Masculinity vs. Femininity, Image vs. Reality: Consumer Culture and Zionist Ideology in Interwar Palestine

Hiroki Shin
Between Luxury and Necessity: Electricity in Britain, 1920s–1950s

11:30-12:30      Lunch     

12:30-13:35      Session 4: Domestic Consumption    (chair: Maxine Berg)     

Jon Stobart
Elite consumers and the pursuit of comfort in Georgian England

Satomi Ohashi
Public sales and the local community: an aspect of the consuming culture in England in the 18th century

13:40-14:55      Session 5: Consuming Icons    (chair: Akiko Shimbo)     

Ariane Fennetaux
Pockets, Consumption and Female Sociablity in Eighteenth-century London

Ryohei Oshio
Theatre-going as a consumer culture? : A socio-economic analysis of audience in the Viennese theatres in the late 18th century

Shinobu Majima
Macro and micro innovations in eighteenth-century fashion

14:55-15:10      Tea/coffee     

15:10-16:25      Session 6: Cross-Border Consumer Culture   (chair: Lawrence Klein)     

Josefine Baark
The gift of giving: gift exchange as the foundation of early modern cross-cultural consumption

Helen Berry
Fear, desire and the perils of globalization: alternatives to neoliberal interpretations of coffee consumption in eighteenth-century England

Aki Toyoyama
Transaction and Translation of Modernity: Japanese Majolica Tiles in Colonial India

16:30-17:30      Keynote lecture 3   (chair: Toshio Kusamitsu)

Prof Maxine Berg
Professor, Department of History, University of Warwick
Who Made Luxury? Craft Economies between the Local and the Global

Day 3 Saturday

25 March 2017

9:00-10:40      Parallel Session 1: Home and Education    (chair: Yusuke Tanaka)     

Dikla Yizhar
Constructing Home: consumerism and the participatory turn in housing in Israel 1970s

Maria Cristache
From 'culturedness' to westernness: old and new consumption practices in Romanian postsocialist homes

Oleksandra Sushchenko
Commercialization of education and consumer vanity

Tatsuya Mitsuda
Children as consumer: sweets and snacking in the construction of confectionary consumer culture in modern Japan

9:00-10:40      Parallel Session 2: Fashion and Body    (chair: Shinobu Majima)     

Kelly McCormick
“My Sister is Making the World’s Cameras!” Depictions of Female Producers and Users of Cameras in Postwar Japan

Hadas Fischer
Wearing the empire: suits, masculinity and the making of colonial citizenship in British-ruled Palestine

Basia Sliwinska
The female body as a consumer object: from 'edible woman' to 'some body'

Cheryl Nye
"I'm with the Band": constructing and deconstructing culture and subculture

10:40-10:45      Short break     

10:45-12:00      Parallel Session 3: Changes in Culture    (chair: Hiroki Shin)     

Eli Cook
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books and the "Free-to-Choose" Culture of 1980s America

Oded Webman
Performative consumption from Maison Dom-Ino to Ikea hackers

Elena Ivanova
Gardening in the context of creative consumerism and development of public sphere

10:45-12:00      Parallel Session 4: Nation and Consumers    (chair: Satomi Ohashi)     

Michiko Sakaguchi
Common devices and etiquette for a debutant: surviving extreme awkward situations in late-Victorian and Edwardian society

Mei-Fen Kuo
The Pekin Café in Sydney: consuming nationalism and enterprising Chinese Australians in the early twentieth century

Darin Stephanov
From medals to mugs: ruler visibility, 'ruler objects', and sociability in the late Ottoman and Russian empires

12:00-12:15      Closing Announcement and Depart for Optional Tour     

Optional Tour to Mt Takao Area

12:30-13:30      Railway travel to Takaosanguchi Station     

13:30-14:30      Lunch by Mt Takao at Takahashiya

14:30-15:00      A casual hike using chair lift to Sanjo Sation

15:00-15:30      Walk up paved road to the sacred Mt Takao Yakuo-in Temple

15:30-16:30      A view of Mt Fuji and cherry blossoms at Mt Takao summit

16:30-17:00      Descending from Mt Takao and crossing the suspension bridge

17:00-17:30      Back to Takaosanguchi Station and depart for the dinner

Rainy-day options

14:30-16:00      Visiting the newly built Takao 599 Museum

16:00-17:00      Trying out the natural hot spring Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu

17:00-17:30      Back to Takaosanguchi Station and depart for the dinner

Grand course dinner in a bamboo grove

18:00-20:30      Enjoy the sumptuous traditional dinner at Ukai Chikutei




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